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Applying for Student Teaching

Undergraduate students who seek New York State initial certification must successfully meet the student teaching requirement. The Director of Field Experiences and the Professional Development Network (Carman Hall, Room B-33) is responsible for school site placements and providing information and support for prospective student teachers. Student teachers must be prepared to student-teach every day for the duration of one college semester. Prospective student teachers are urged to plan their course of study so they can devote a semester exclusively to their student teaching. Student teachers should have fulfilled their other education course requirements, including content area methods courses, before applying for student teaching. Further requirements for student teachers are detailed in the respective program's course of study.

Applications must be filed the semester prior to student teaching and requires permission from the program coordinator. Application due dates are April 1 for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester. Any candidate found to be in violation of any of the conduct guidelines detailed in the Lehman College Student Handbook and/or the candidate's discipline-specific code of ethics, may not be recommended for the student teaching. The Lehman College Student Handbook can be found on the College website at Information about student teaching is posted on the School of Education's website at