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Estimated Other Expenses

Lehman College estimates that apart from tuition, fees, and room and board, students should budget for an additional $4,328 per year, allocated as follows: books and supplies, $832; personal and incidental items, $1,660; transportation, $816; lunches, $1,020. International matriculated students who are attending Lehman on a student visa must pay for private medical insurance.

Nursing students registering in clinical courses will have the additional expenses of a uniform, health insurance (unless they are covered by their parents' policies), and malpractice liability insurance. Prior to registration in clinical courses, nursing students also are required to undergo a number of medical tests at their own expense. (For further information, consult the Department of Nursing.)

Bursar's Receipt

Bursar Validation is required to complete term registration. All students must submit a signed Bill or Payment Form (zero balance included) to the Bursar's Office by the due date. The Bill or Payment Form can be mailed, faxed, submitted via the Web (using eSIMS), or delivered to the Bursar's Office or drop box. All course selections that are not validated by the due date will be cancelled.

Non-Instructional Fees

Application Fees

Non-refundable, but payable only once at the time of filing an application for admission to any City University college:

Matriculating freshmen


Transfer Students


Non-degree Undergraduate Students


Non-degree Graduate Students


Consolidated Fee


per semester or session (payable by all students, including senior citizens).

Technology Fee

$50.00 (for fewer than 12 credits)

$100.00 (for 12 or more credits)

Change of Program Fee


Fee charged to students who change their schedule of classes after it has been approved and recorded.

ID Card Replacement


Late Registration Fee


Nonpayment Service Fee


Penalty fee charged to students if they are delinquent in making payment of any amount due after the scheduled due date.

Readmission Fee


Students who apply to return to the College after an absence of one semester or more (exclusive of summer session) are required to pay this fee to be readmitted to the same unit. The charge is applicable whether or not a student has taken a formal leave of absence.

Payment Reprocessing Fee


Charge for those students who have previously submitted checks payable to the College that were not honored by their banks: students who do not make a check good by a given date will be required to satisfy their obligations and pay the applicable reprocessing fee plus a non-payment service fee.

Special Examination Fees

When make-up final exam for one course is taken after scheduled final class exam


When make-up final exams for two courses are taken


When make-up final exams for three courses are taken


CUNY Accelerated Study Fee (for students taking more than 18 credits.) See the information on policies governing excess credit in the "Academic Services and Policies" chapter in this Bulletin. Fees are charged per contact hour.



  Less than or equal to 2

$100 semester

  Greater than 2 but less than or equal to 4

$230 semester

  Greater than 4 but less than or equal to 6

$460 semester

  Greater than 6

$690 semester

  Senior citizens

$65 semester

Qualifying Examination Fee


Transcript-of-Record Fee




NOTE: No fee is charged for transcripts sent between City University units.

Duplicate Bursar Receipt


Duplicate Record Fee


Certificate that degree has been granted




For issuance of a certificate of graduation to students who request a replacement for a lost diploma.

Cooperating Teachers Fee


Cooperating teachers may be granted tuition waivers of up to 6 credits (two valid certificates) per semester, limited to three successive terms. For courses for which tuition is waived, charges for excess contact hours are also waived. Tuition waivers may be granted to residents and non-residents and are applicable to graduate courses and undergraduate courses.

Cooperating teachers who take credits in excess of those waived are required to pay tuition at applicable regular rates for the additional credits. Cooperating teachers enrolled in courses for which tuition is waived (plus any number of courses for which tuition is not waived) are required to pay the Cooperating Teacher Fee of $25, the $15 Consolidated Fee, an Application Fee of $125, and a Technology Fee of $37.50.

Miscellaneous Fees

Parking Fees


Day or Evening Session: $55 per semester

Purchase permit in Shuster Hall, Room 078.

Breakage: As per damage

Loss of Key: $1.75 (Shuster Hall, Room 031)

Loss of Equipment/Supplies: List Price