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Middle and High School

Students seeking the initial certificate as a middle and high school teacher of academic or special subjects will complete the major area of concentration appropriate for the particular certificate, as well as the sequence of professional courses leading to the certificate. Approved areas of concentration are as follows:

Adolescence EDUC-English Education (English 7-12)

Adolescence EDUC-Language Other Than English (Spanish 7-12)

Adolescence EDUC-Mathematics 5-9 or 7-12

Adolescence EDUC-Biology 7-12

Adolescence EDUC-Chemistry 7-12

Adolescence EDUC-Physics 7-12

Adolescence EDUC-Social Studies 7-12

Earth Science 7-12


Art N-12

Health Education N-12*

Music Teacher N-12*

Additional recommended concentrations may be added after the printing of this Bulletin; students need to see an adviser in the Department of Middle and High School Education (Carman Hall, Room 29-A) to find out which additional recommended majors are available.

*These programs are discontinued and will no longer accept new candidates.