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Tutoring Programs


The Lehman Tutoring Center (LTC), located in the Old Gym Building, Room 205, offers students a range of activities designed to support classroom learning. Students at any skill level can participate in individual, small group, and/or workshop sessions to improve their proficiency in writing, reading, research, and particular academic subject areas. In addition, the LTC offers support to students who need to pass the CUNY entrance exams in writing and reading. Computer-assisted writing/language tutorial programs are also available.

English as a Second Language

Tutoring in writing for all ESL students.

Freshman Year Initiative

Tutoring in writing for all Freshman Year Initiative students.


SEEK Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction Center: Services include intensive instructional support, including tutoring, computer-assisted instruction, study skills training, and small-group course reviews. The Center is located in the Old Gym Building, Room 212.

The Math Laboratory

Located in Gillet Hall, Room 222, the Math Lab offers tutoring, advisement, and support materials for math and math-related courses.


The Science Learning Center (SLC), located in Gillet Hall, Room 133, provides tutoring in the natural and computer sciences. Students meet with tutors individually and in group sessions. Software for computer-assisted learning in several subjects, such as organic chemistry and anatomy and physiology, is also available.

Library Tutors

Available in the Library, these tutors offer help with Library resources and computers.