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Teacher Academy

Students in this CUNY program are committed to teaching math or science in New York City's public schools and pursue a rigorous academic program with early participation in the schools. They receive four years of free tuition as well as paid internships and may qualify for an additional Lehman College Foundation scholarship. As Teacher Academy students at Lehman College, they major in mathematics or science, with a minor in middle and high school education, and learn in a "college within a college" environment. They receive special advisement, are placed in small classes, and become part of a supportive community of fellow students and faculty. Students also take part in fieldwork in a local school setting, beginning during the freshman year with observations and culminating with student teaching during the senior year. All fieldwork is linked to courses, providing a bridge between theory and practice. Teacher Academy students also have opportunities to work with nationally and internationally recognized faculty and to pursue undergraduate research with the guidance of faculty mentors. Currently, admission for a new class of the Teacher Academy students has been temporarily suspended.