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Credit by Examination

External Examination Programs (AP, CLEP, CPEP)

Students who have participated in any one of the three external examination programs approved by the College - the Advanced Placement Program (AP), the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and the College Proficiency Examinations Program (CPEP) - may receive advanced placement depending on the scores achieved and criteria set by the College. Sophomore standing will be awarded to those who have earned four full Advanced Placement course credits.

Credit by Departmental Examination

All departments at Lehman College may offer credits by means of a departmental examination, provided the individual departments are convinced that the student, through previous study and/or work, is qualified to take the examination in a specific course. The department may assign either credit (representing a grade of C or better) or no credit to the examination. Students who fail this examination may not repeat it. Students requesting credit by departmental examination must pay the Qualifying Examination Fee as listed in the section on "Noninstructional Fees" in the chapter on "Tuition and Fees" in this Bulletin.

The maximum number of credits students may earn through external examinations and life-experience credit (awarded through the Adult Degree Program), exclusive of Advanced Placement examinations, is 30. (For further information, consult the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation, Shuster Hall, Room 280.)

Graduate Courses for Undergraduate Credit

Undergraduate students with a declared major who are not registered for a dual degree program, have completed at least 90 credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and who satisfy necessary pre-requisites may enroll in a total of twelve graduate credits during their senior year.

Graduate courses may not count towards Pathways requirements or the residency requirement for the major/minor. Graduate courses will be counted towards the calculation of Dean's List, Presidential Scholars, and departmental honors.

Grading will occur on the following system: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, and F.

Tuition will be charged in accordance with the tuition and fee manual. Full-time undergraduate students who receive permission to take graduate courses will be charged the undergraduate tuition rate for graduate courses which are applicable to the student's undergraduate degree. (within the 120 credits required for graduation). If the student is part-time, the graduate rate will be charged for graduate courses and the undergraduate rate for undergraduate courses. Students receiving financial aid in the form of grants and/or loans should confirm that the additional charges will be covered by their aid by speaking to a Financial Aid Counselor.

Students who meet the eligibility requirements must get approval from the graduate program advisor and the Office for Graduate Studies.

Audited Courses

All students, matriculant and non-degree, may audit any course other than a laboratory, provided attendance in the course does not involve the use of consumable material and/or equipment. Auditors will be charged regular tuition. Audited courses cannot be used to qualify for full-time or part-time status, financial aid, or veteran's benefits. AUD-graded courses carry no credits, but auditors must fulfill the instructor's requirements for auditors. AUD-graded courses should not be confused with courses graded "No Credit." To register as an auditor, prior written permission of the instructor and the appropriate department chair is required. No change from regular registration to auditing, nor from auditing to regular registration, will be permitted after the regular registration period has ended.