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Financial Aid

Attendance/Academic Requirements for Recipients of Student Financial Aid

Regulations of both New York State (TAP/APTS) and Federal programs of student financial aid require regular class attendance. Funds will not be delivered to students who do not maintain satisfactory attendance records. Financial aid regulations also require that students make satisfactory progress toward a degree. Students should be aware that all financial assistance awards are subject to student compliance with Federal, State, and/or College regulations concerning satisfactory academic progress and standing. Students withdrawing from courses should report to the Financial Aid Office for information on their eligibility for aid. Students on probation who make satisfactory progress will continue to be eligible for financial aid. All Federal undergraduate financial aid is limited to 150 percent of the credits required for the bachelor's degree. Minimum standards in satisfactory progress by students, adopted by the City University, are indicated in the charts in this section of the Bulletin. For more information, visit

Financial Aid is available, in various forms, to full- and part-time undergraduate degree students. Information on application procedures and eligibility requirements may be obtained in the Financial Aid Office, located in Room 136 of Shuster Hall. Call 718-960-8545 or e-mail

The City University of New York Policy on Withholding Student Records

Students who are delinquent and/or in default in any of their financial accounts with the College, the University, or an appropriate State or Federal agency for which the University acts as either a disbursing or certifying agent, and students who have not completed exit interviews as required by the Federal Perkins Loan Program, the Federal Family Education Loan Programs, the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program, and the Nursing Student Loan Program, are not to be permitted to complete registration, or issued a copy of their grades, a transcript of academic record, certificate, or degree, nor are they to receive funds under the Federal campus-based student assistance programs or the Federal Pell Grant Program unless the designated officer, in exceptional hardship cases and consistent with Federal and State regulations, waives in writing the application of this regulation.

Students who have not met all their financial obligations to the College will not be issued a transcript, certificate, degree, or grade until they have made all outstanding payments. Students will not be allowed to register for a new semester unless they have satisfied all previous financial obligations to the College.