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Excess Credit

A student with a minimum cumulative index of 3.0 who has also completed the College Writing requirement and whose previous semester grades include no INCs, Ws, WUs, Rs, or NCs, or a student who is a graduating senior, may, with the permission of the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation (Shuster Hall, Room 280), attempt up to 21 credits. Students who meet all the requirements stated above and who have successfully completed 21 credits in a prior semester may request permission in the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation to attempt up to 24 credits. A student who wishes to request permission to register for more than 24 credits must submit a written appeal to the Committee on Admission, Evaluation, and Academic Standards, detailing the reason for the request and a justification for each course planned in the schedule. This appeal should be submitted to the Committee through the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation. The Committee will determine whether the appeal should be granted or denied during the late registration and drop/add period.

In no case may a student preregister for more than 18 credits. Students who register for more than 18 credits must pay the CUNY Accelerated Study Fee (see the chapter on "Tuition and Fees" in this Bulletin).