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The SEEK Program

SEEK (Search for Education, Elevation, and Knowledge) is a New York State sponsored higher education opportunity program of CUNY. The program's special admission standards provide access to Lehman College and other City University senior colleges to talented and motivated high school graduates who do not meet traditional admission requirements. Students must also meet specific low-income requirements.

SEEK students receive specialized support services to enrich their academic career and personal development. Services include intensive instructional support, including tutoring, computer-assisted-instruction, study skills training, and small-group course reviews (supplemental instruction); academic counseling support; and a small amount of supplemental financial aid for college-related expenses, including college fees, books, and supplies. The amount of SEEK financial aid is based on individual need and fiscal availability. SEEK students are eligible for up to ten semesters of TAP assistance, if needed.

Admitted SEEK freshmen are required to participate in a four-to-six-week enrichment pre-freshman summer program at the College before they enroll for their first semester of study. Once enrolled, they are required to maintain full-time matriculated day status, sustain a satisfactory academic standing, and participate in all recommended program support activities. SEEK students are eligible for up to ten semesters of S.E.E.K. sponsorship while working toward their bachelor's degree.

Freshman applicants who wish to be admitted under the Lehman College SEEK Program should file a CUNY Freshman Application and complete section four, entitled "SEEK/CD Opportunity Programs." Freshman applicants should have no prior college experience. Freshman admission to SEEK occurs mostly in the fall semester. Transfer student applicants - those students who have attended another college, university, or post-secondary institution - may be eligible for admission as SEEK students if they have previously participated in SEEK/CD, EOP, or HEOP at CUNY, SUNY or New York state private institutions respectively. Transfer applicants should contact the SEEK Program.

Inquiries about the SEEK. Program at Lehman College may be made to the SEEK Program Office at 718-960-7979 or More information about the program is available on the Lehman College website: