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ePermit: Lehman College Credit for Attendance at Other Institutions

ePermit: Lehman College Credit for Attendance at Other Institutions

The following regulations apply to Lehman College matriculants who wish to attend other colleges or universities for Lehman College credit:
Eligibility Requirements:

  • First-time freshman (except those in Macaulay Honors College, CUNY BA, Lehman Scholars Program and ROTC) must have completed one semester of twelve credits at Lehman.

  • A student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.00; be pursuing a degree; have no holds on records; and, must meet residency and immunization requirements.

E-Permit CUNY:

  • To be assured full transfer credit for CUNY courses, students must follow the e-permit procedures.

  • Each permit request is for a single course. Thus, students need to complete a permit request for each equivalent course they would like to take at other colleges. 

  • An e-permit or permit does not automatically register a student for a course, nor does issuance of any permit guarantee enrollment at the HOST college. Once a student has enrolled at the HOST College, cancellation of the permit does not delete the course registration.

  • If a student does not obtain permission in advance, including departmental approval for courses that have not already been evaluated, transfer credit may be withheld.

  • Transcripts for CUNY e-permit courses will automatically be forwarded to the home college.

Non-CUNY Permit: 

  • To receive transfer credit for non-CUNY courses, students must visit the Registrar’s Office and follow the procedures for a non-CUNY permit.

  • If a student does not obtain permission in advance, including departmental approval, transfer credit may be withheld.

  • A student is responsible for having transmitted to the College a record of all courses taken at a non-CUNY institution for Lehman credit while a matriculated student at the College. 

  • Grades of D earned outside the City University of New York are not transferable.

Regulations for E-Permit and Non-CUNY:

  • Courses taken on permit must meet degree requirements.

  • A student may not be enrolled simultaneously at Lehman College and another institution for more than the maximum number of credits under Lehman College rules.

  • A student may not transfer more than 70 credits from community colleges.

  • To earn a Lehman College degree, a student must complete at least 30 credits in residence at Lehman College and at least half of the credits in the major or in an interdisciplinary program, minor or certificate. (See the definition of credits in residence in the section on "Degree Requirements" in this Bulletin under the heading of "Credit Requirements.")

  • With special permission, a student who has satisfied Lehman College residence requirements may attempt the final 21 credits at another accredited senior college or university, provided that all other requirements for graduation will have been satisfied. Students wishing to graduate in absentia must obtain permission from their designated academic advisement office.

ePermit Prior to Fall 2020