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The Lehman Scholars Program

Director of Studies: Professor Olivia Loksing Moy (Library, Room 315)

The Lehman Scholars Program (LSP) is designed for capable and highly motivated students who have the desire and ability to pursue a somewhat more independent liberal arts course of study as they complete their major and other general college requirements. The program offers the advantages of a small, intimate college that includes special seminars and academic counseling.

The Lehman Scholars Program offers the following special features:

-The LSP Seminars

Students take 4 honors seminars during their academic career.  Seminars are limited to 18 or fewer students and are unique offerings from faculty across the departments.  These seminars are not lectures and do not exist in the regular Undergraduate Bulletin. They are only offered inside of LSP and completely new seminars are offered each semester. These discussion-based courses provide the core of the LSP experience as all students participate actively in them.

*These seminars additionally can be used to meet the Pathways flexible core requirements.

By taking these rewarding seminars, students are also exempt from General Education upper-division Integration Requirements (CUNY College Option, i.e. course courses).

Students will of course meet course prerequisites and requirements for their major.


-Each student entering the program will receive personalized advising and mentoring from one or more of the LSP faculty staff members. The mentor will advise the student in the areas of program planning and academic and career goals.

Other Special Programming Unique to LSP

-Students will take Honors versions of the required English Composition Courses, namely ENG113 (freshman year) and ENG123 Sophomore year. These can not be replaced by College Now courses or similar. Students who enter LSP after freshman year and who have taken ENG111 do not need to take 113 but must take ENG123 (honors), not ENG121.

-Two years of the same foreign language or its equivalent; students may opt to take one year and 2 additional LSP seminars.* Further exceptions may apply and can be discussed at the interview.

-Completion of a capstone project, begun in the second semester of junior year and submitted by November 1 or April 1 of the student’s last semester (or semester of graduation).

Application Procedure: Students who have earned 45 or fewer college credits may apply for either September, June, or January admission. Send an email to Wanda Cortez  and copy Honors Director Moy to arrange for an interview with the LSP faculty. The application* and instructor recommendation forms are included below. Please include your EMPLID on all communications.

*The application consists of the application form (attached) and a 2-5 page writing sample from a course you completed within the past 12 months as well as a faculty recommendation.  Students will be notified about their acceptance in time for the following semester's registration. The application form is available in the LSP Office, Library, Room 315 or here.

The Lehman Scholars Program Prior to Fall 2020

The Lehman Scholars Program Prior to Fall 2019