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Withdrawal from Courses

Drop/Add Period. Students may adjust their programs during the Drop/Add period at the beginning of each semester, provided there is space in a newly selected course and they maintain the minimum credit load for their status.

Withdrawals after Drop/Add. The grade of W, withdrawal without penalty, is awarded only when it is clear that a student has a good and sufficient reason for withdrawing from a course and is doing so at a time when he or she is doing passing work in the course. Applications for withdrawal are accepted through the tenth week of each semester.

Students desiring to drop a course in their major must obtain a recommendation from the chair or the adviser of the appropriate department program. No faculty member or counselor may withdraw a student from a course.

The following grades govern official and unofficial withdrawals after the Drop/Add period. The deadline dates are published each semester by the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation.


Official withdrawal without penalty


Never Attended, with penalty


Unofficial withdrawal with penalty




NOTE: Although W grades carry no index penalty, they are credits attempted for the purpose of measuring satisfactory academic progress.

After the tenth week of each semester, students may appeal for withdrawals to the Committee on Admission and Standing, but only for documented reasons of serious illness or serious personal emergency. Students should submit their appeals to the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation (Shuster Hall, Room 280).

Students receiving financial aid should discuss in advance with the Office of Financial Aid the consequences of withdrawing from a course.