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Refunds of Fees

The Student Activity Fee, Consolidated Fee, and Technology Fee, or any part thereof, is not refundable at any time except when the student's registration is canceled because of withdrawal of a course or courses by the College or the student totally withdraws prior to the start of classes and is granted a 100 percent refund of tuition. No portion of any special fee, parking fee, and any fine or penalty fee is refundable.

Refunds of Tuition

Withdrawal and refund requests should be made in the Office of the Registrar (Shuster Hall, Room 114). The date on which this form is completed and filed, not the student's LAST day in class, is the official date of withdrawal that serves as the basis for computing a refund.

Non-attendance in classes does not waive the tuition liability a student incurs at registration. Any student who is unable to file for withdrawal from a course in person may do so by mail. The official date of withdrawal will be the date the letter is postmarked.

The interval between a properly executed application for a refund and receipt of a refund check is usually five weeks. Students dropping courses will be refunded according to the dates within this schedule. Students may receive a 100% of tuition refund for voluntarily withdrawing from a class up to, and not including, the first day of classes. The first day of classes is not the first day of THE STUDENT'S class but, rather, the College's opening day of classes for the semester or session.

As a result of the Higher Education Reauthorization Act, students who are recipients of Federal financial aid are subject to one of the following Federal Refund Policies (subject to change):

Withdrawals and the Return of Federal Financial Aid

Federal student aid is awarded with the expectation that you will attend school for the entire period for which your financial aid was awarded. To establish eligibility for any federal financial aid payments, you must complete the college's registration and bill payment process and begin attending your classes. It is strongly advised that you consult with the Financial Aid Office if you drop or withdraw from a class(es). [Note: if you receive a financial aid payment for a class or classes you have never attended, you must return that payment immediately to the college.]

Once you start attending classes, the federal government requires that you "earn" your financial aid awards in direct proportion to the number of days in the semester that you do attend. If you completely withdraw from school before completing the term, the school must calculate according to a federally approved formula the portion of financial aid you have earned and are therefore entitled to receive up to the time you withdrew.

For additional information please visit the following page:

All other students are subject to the following tuition refund schedule approved by the Board of Trustees:

Withdrawal (Fall/Spring)



Before the first day of classes


Withdrawal to register at another CUNY college


Through first week of classes



Through second week of classes



Through third week of classes



After the end of the third week of classes


Special Provisions for Students in the Military

The following policies apply to students who leave CUNY to fulfill military obligations.

  1. Students called up to the reserves or drafted before the end of the semester:

    1. Grades. In order to obtain a grade, a student must attend 13 weeks (five weeks for summer session).

    2. Refunds. A student called up to the reserves or drafted who does not attend for a sufficient time to qualify for a grade is entitled to a 100% refund of tuition and all other fees except application fees.

  2. Students who volunteer (enlist) for the military:

    1. Grades. Same provision as for students called up to the reserves. In order to obtain a grade, a student must attend 13 weeks (five weeks for summer session).

    2. Refunds. The amount of the refund depends upon whether the withdrawal is before the 5th week of classes.

      1. Withdrawal before the beginning of the 5th calendar week (3rd calendar week for summer session): 100% refund of tuition and all other fees except application fees.

      2. Withdrawal thereafter: 50% refund.

  3. Other provisions for Military Service:

    1. Resident Tuition Rates. These lower rates are applicable to all members of the armed services, their spouses, and their dependent children, on full-time active duty and stationed in the State of New York.

    2. Re-enrollment of Veterans. Veterans who are returning students are given preferred treatment in the following ways:

      1. Veterans who were former students with unsatisfactory scholastic records, may be readmitted with a probationary program.

      2. Veterans, upon their return, may register even after normal registration periods, without late fees.

      3. Granting of college credit for military service and armed forces instructional courses.

      4. Veterans returning too late to register may audit classes without charge.

    3. Late Admissions. Veterans with no previous college experience are permitted to file applications up to the date of registration, and are allowed to begin classes pending completion of their application and provision of supporting documents.

    4. Readmission Fee. Upon return from military service, a student will not be charged a Readmission Fee to register at the same college.

    5. Veterans Tuition Deferrals. Veterans are entitled to defer the payment of tuition pending receipt of veterans' benefits.

    6. New York National Guard Tuition Waivers. Active members of the New York National Guard, who are legal residents of New York State and who do not have a baccalaureate degree, are eligible for a tuition waiver for undergraduate study.

Refund of Tuition and Fees to TAP and other Financial Aid Recipients

Students who withdraw during the refund period and have been awarded a full New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) entitlement may elect to use their entitlement as credit toward their current financial liability and, consequently, will forfeit one semester of TAP eligibility; or they may elect to return their TAP award to the Corporation (advantageous only if a small liability is incurred), retain the semester's TAP eligibility, and reimburse the College for any money due.

  • Students who withdraw during the refund period with partial TAP entitlements that are not large enough to cover their tuition liability will be required to pay the difference.

  • Students awarded financial aid who change their status from full-time to part-time and vice versa must visit the Financial Aid Office, which will adjust their award.

  • Students who withdraw after the refund period may relinquish their TAP entitlement and remaining financial aid award for the withdrawn semester.

Courses with Credit Equivalent Hours

Lehman College courses generally carry a credit value equal to the number of weekly contact hours. In certain courses - generally developmental or compensatory in nature - the number of weekly contact hours may exceed the credit value. These additional contact hours are designated "credit equivalents" or "equated credits." For courses with credit equivalents, tuition is charged on the basis of contact hours and not of credits. Even if a course offers no credit, it is nevertheless billed according to contact hours. The maximum semester rate applies to these courses alone or in combination with credit-bearing courses.