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DATASC-MIN - Data Science Methods and Applications Interdisciplinary


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Data Science Methods and Applications Interdisciplinary

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Coordinator: Elin Waring (Sociology)

Steering Committee: Juan DelaCruz (Economics and Business), Itai Feigenbaum (Computer Science), Jennifer Laird (Sociology), Martha Lerski (Library), Juliana Maantay (Earth, Environmental, and Geospatial Sciences), Megan Owen (Mathematics), Nikolaos Papanikolau (Economics and Business), Naomi Spence (Sociology), Maurice Vann (Social Work).

The 15 to 18-credit interdisciplinary minor in data science methods and applications is appropriate for students in majors across various disciplines who are interested in learning methods for working with big, complex, and/or "messy" data and application to real world topics. The minor provides students with interdisciplinary course work focused on obtaining, managing, analyzing, interpreting and communicating about data in all of its forms. Students will learn Python and R programming, as well as other languages used by data scientists.